Until the Night

On November 14, 2013 by katmace@me.com

I do a lot of sporadic spending on play.com when it comes to DVDs. Why wouldn’t I buy them if they are under £3? I’d rather spend £3 to watch a film without adverts and in its intended quality than suffer some foreign subtitles and a dodgy stream online, wouldn’t you?

Having said that, I thought all of that…. until I bought this film: ‘Until the Night’. I still genuinely struggle to be able to tell you what it’s even about. The basics are, there are two couples having issues, two of them used to know each other. When things get rocky, they do silly things like sleep with prostitutes, drink and throw things. But that’s about as much as I can fathom. On the front of the DVD case, comes a rather fitting one-liner; ‘We are all a little bit crazy’. Why yes, we are...because this horrific film was made into a DVD! And the DVD case was clearly made on publisher!


I lost count of the amount of times I saw a boom in shot, when all they were trying to achieve is a two-shot of lovers on a rooftop. There was also the unnecessary use of a jib, tracking back as the scene went on. Normally I would delve into the inner meaning of this camera movement but I think it was more of a ‘let’s use it coz it’s cool’, kind of a decision. Would it really have cost them that much more to reshoot that singular scene? Boom in shot… check. Framed completely to the left for no reason… check. Pointless use of equipment… check. Some bad improvisation… check.  In fact, was there even a script at all?

Boom in shot

Boom in shot

Boom in Shot...Oh I don't even care anymore!

Boom in Shot…Oh I don’t even care anymore!











In fact this blog entry was a slight waste of time, I am not telling you anything about the film, as I am not entirely sure there was one. It’s like some film student found some left over footage on an SD card and decided to throw them together on a timeline, put some of the stills on a word document and then fell asleep on the keyboard. He woke up, and there he was selling it on Play.com.

About the only thing I remember, is the use of a video camera at the beginning of the film.

Is she...talking to me?

Is she…talking to me?

A woman speaking utter tripe down the lense, when I wasn’t sure if it was even supposed to be a video camera due to the lack of this graphic. When it clicked that it was, it still made no sense in keeping with the rest of the cough ‘narrative’. I never did find out what she was talking about. Again, it seemed like a left over take from a youtube video accidentally fell into the timeline of this absolute pile of 4:3 pig balls.

Would be solved by -THIS GRAPHIC






What more can I say? There is a shot of the sea, a shot where they successfully managed to use the dolly and track when walking through a deserted city street (ROUND OF APPLAUSE PLEASE) and then some naked ladies posing for a photographer. If that’s your kind of thing, then great. For me though, it’s complete lack of script, meaning and well…anything, left me suicidal at the thought I’d wasted A WHOLE £3 ON THIS S**T! THAT’S TWO BUS FARES YOU A**HOLES!

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