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1233633_10151693320137426_1539035971_nBased at the RAI in Amsterdam, I was responsible for one of the three main news crews at IBC. I was tasked with keeping shoots to time, logging live shoots and ensuring that content is filmed and returned to edit in time for broadcast. I also was responsible for navigating around the RAI to film specific brands and products for the daily Business News and ‘Zoned In’ segments. These shoots became part of the daily news channel at IBC.

I also had an input into suggesting shots, looking after talent and collecting business cards from contributors, to ensure that the strap-line for them was correct.

It was a great week, both professionally and socially – although 3hrs sleep became the norm. We feasted our way through on tourist special steaks, Amstel and continental breakfasts. We toured the red light district, the cafes, the clubs, the IBC parties. We rode the trams and walked for miles.

It was a good experience to work abroad, particularly among so many successful people, most of whom work for ITN. I came away with a lot more knowledge of news than I’d had previously, and a whole lot of love for my cameraman Mark and presenter, Rob Curling!

This is the final show in the week at IBC. My segments are the Rob Curling links. The interview with Mike Short at 9:45. Some of the shots within the ‘Zoned In’ segment and you can even see me camera operating at 15:05!

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