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In June 2012, I began work with the British Airways marketing team in association with Ogilvy UK. I was employed as part of the British Airways London 2012 ‘#HomeAdvantage’ campaign, working either the 8am-4pm shift or the 4pm-11pm shift. This began with the release of their advert online and on television. You may remember it:

I was a member of the response team that, via twitter, released updates about the advert’s release and mentioned parts of the advert to spark interest about the London olympics. The idea of the campaign was to encourage people of Britain to stay home for the summer to cheer on our athletes competing in London 2012.

Then the campaign released that the advert could be tailored so that the plane, would roll through your own street, via in partnership with google maps. Via twitter we made sure to update people, encourage them to use the #HomeAdvantage hashtag and feedback to them when they mentioned that they had tried out the personalised ad.

Jessica Ennis #HomeAdvantage

Jessica Ennis #HomeAdvantage

We then turned a corner in the campaign with the opening ceremony and with the beginning of events.  We began encouraging support for those athletes that British Airways were sponsoring. For example, Tom Daley, Jessica Ennis and Louis Smith. Using CoTweet we responded to every twitter mention and share surrounding the campaign in an attempt to keep online conversations about the brand ongoing. I even became familiar with monitoring responses, logging positive and negative responses on the database and viewing the statistics for the day.


I got on with the team I worked with, mostly consisting of other students. I also got to know the Social Media Analyst who happened to have just come from working in my hometown! Small World….and a great experience on the campaign. I was even invited back to work on their October Brand Campaign.

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