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9T7A1696 I worked as an Assistant Producer at FLETCHERWILSON for twelve months.

During this time, I produced and assisted on various projects, camera-operated and assisted on conference shoots, edited and colour-graded in-house for many conferences, promotional films, product launches and walk-throughs. I had the opportunity to assist on-set on various shoots, including an induction video working with green screen, on location at Heathrow Terminal 5, a deserted woodland located in Kent, and at a product launch, shot at Camberwell Studios on the hottest day of the year – and so many more.

I have been responsible for creating call sheets, crewing, ordering office supplies, filling out risk assessments, location permission forms, release forms, drafting storyboards, logging and casting for our lead actor and V/O for a live-action corporate film seen here: as well as acting as the in-house voice artist for any video tests. I produced an animated pitch film for KPMG with our in-house animator and have learned a great deal about forward-thinking, software technology and the industry as a whole. I’ve also improved my editorial skills, through extensive practice of editing to brand guidelines and ensuring that the clients are satisfied with the result. A particular favourite project to work on was the Architecture IO conference along with Event Projections, where I really loved working with the team, loved camera-operating on the day and enjoyed editing together all of the content:

It’s sad to leave a company where I feel I have learned so much and that has such a network of talented professionals who allow you to create your own unique relationship with clients. I really had the opportuntiy to gain insight to the production process from the pitching stage, right through to the final delivery. Leaving the company is by no means goodbye forever and I would really like to thank both Rob and Nat for taking me on, this time last year.

I have also gained experience in FORscene, Adobe Premiere Pro, Audition, After Effects, Speedgrade and in operating the Sony EX3. As well as becoming proficient in the use of cloud based data storage, FTPs and file structure.


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